Dr. Honore Missihoun

Black Atlantic History, Critical postcolonial subaltern communication, critical pedagogy.

A wise Atlantic coast West African man said: “On the heels of organized religions, slavery, and then, colonialism and domination, the scourge of slavery and the Triangular Trade transactions epitomized the ambiguity of language and the mercantile practices, which would dog the economy of the rapport between the West and the rest of the world.” This thought has always been at the core of my Romance Language and Literature education and intellectual life. It finally brought me to Africana Studies for deeper research into the Black Atlantic History, critical postcolonial subaltern communication in minority discourses, and dissemination of findings through publishing and critical pedagogy.

Research/Teaching Interests

  • Black Atlantic History
  • critical postcolonial subaltern communication
  • Critical pedagogy