Dr. Debra Smith

Associate Professor of Africana Studies

Research includes African-American in communication and popular culture, minority images in media, minority health disparities, and developing teaching strategies that incorporate popular culture, language, and power.

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Dr. Dorothy Ruiz-Smith

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Akinwumi Ogundiran

Currently carrying out a major archaeological study of one of Africa’s largest empires in the early modern period—the Oyo Empire.

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Dr. Danielle Boaz

Lawyer and a historian

Students can expect to explore topics like rap lyrics in criminal prosecutions, racial violence and cultural appropriation.

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Dr. Oscar de la Torre

Civil Rights Activist

Teenage experiences started lifetime of research into racial inequality and racial identities.

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Dr. Crystal Eddins

How black communities could come together to make things better

I came to Africana Studies through interest in activism, social change and social movements, and collective agency in black communities.

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Dr. Honore Missihoun

Black Atlantic History, Critical postcolonial subaltern communication, critical pedagogy.

I came to Africana Studies for deeper research into the Black Atlantic History.

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Dr. Veronica Nmoma-Robinson

I accept no excuses only results.

I was raised by parents to become an accomplished educator in the field of Africana Studies.

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Tanure Ojaide

He received a bachelor's degree in English, and Syracuse University, where he received both the M.A. in Creative Writing and Ph.D. in English.

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