Felecia Harris, Ph.D

Adjunct Faculty


Research Interest(s):

Women’s and Gender Studies

Sexuality, Health and Identity

Hip Hop/Popular Culture

African American History


Forthcoming Book, “21st Century Sara Baartman: The Commodification of Race and Gender in Contemporary Popular Culture,” Lexington Books - Rowman & Littlefield Publishing.

Harris, F.C. (2019). Ed. “Gender in Hip Hop Culture.” Anthology. Cognella Academic Publishing, San Diego, CA.

Harris, F.C. (2017). Ed. “Gender & Education.”  Anthology. Cognella Academic Publishing, San Diego, CA.

Harris,  F.C. (2017). “What Color Are Your Jellybeans? Intersections of Generations, Race, Sex, Culture and Gender.” Cognella Academic Publishing, San Diego, CA

Harris, F.C. (2014). “Black Sexuality & Health: Exploring Issues of Race, Gender, Sex and Health in the 21st Century.” (E-Book). Kendall Hunt Academic Publishing.

Courses taught:

African American Women

Gender and Hip Hop Culture

Hip Hop in American Culture

Intro to Hip Hop

Global Hip Hop

Black Sexuality & Health

Black Films

The Black Family

Introduction to the History of African Americans

Interpersonal Human Relations