Dr. Oscar de la Torre

Civil Rights Activist

My attraction for the field of Africana Studies started with activism. When I was in my teenage years, the political mobilizations of Senegalese, Guinean, and other African communities in my home town of Barcelona sparked my interest in the African Diaspora, and from there I started to read about the Civil Rights Movement. A little later, when I started to study in college, the field of Afro-Latin American studies was taking off. The fascinating themes in the field, and the differences between racial inequality and racial identities in that region and in English- and French-speaking countries, ended up capturing my imagination. Happily, they still do nowadays.

Research/Teaching interests

  • Afro-Latin America: Brazil and Cuba
  • History and politics of Black peasantries in the Americas
  • Oral history of slavery
  • Comparative racial inequality and racial identities
  • Environmental history