NEW! Rising Seniors Eligible to Enroll in the AFRS Graduate Certificate Program

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Early-Entry Graduate Degree Program


The Department of Africana Studies is now accepting application from rising juniors and seniors into the Africana Studies Graduate Certificate. The goal is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to begin working towards a graduate degree before completing a baccalaureate degree.

The Early-Entry admission into AFRS graduate certificate is an accelerated program. It allows 6-9 credit hours earned at the graduate level to be substituted for required undergraduate credit hours. In other words, up to 9 hours of graduate work may be “double counted” toward both the baccalaureate and graduate degrees.

  1. A student may be accepted into the Early-Entry Program at any time after completing 90 semester hours of undergraduate work in any major in the university provided 12 credit-hours of these are in Africana Studies.
  2. To be accepted into this program, an undergraduate student must have at least a 3.2 overall GPA and a minimum 3.0 GPA in at least 12 hours of Africana Studies courses.
  3. Students accepted into the Early-Entry program will be subjected to the same policies that pertain to other matriculated graduate students. Early-Entry students must finish their baccalaureate degrees before they complete the 15 hours of graduate work in AFRS.
  4. Students admitted to the Early-Entry program are not eligible to hold a graduate assistantship since they have not completed a baccalaureate degree. Students admitted into any Early-entry program pay graduate fees and graduate tuition for all courses (graduate and undergraduate) for which they register.
  5. The Early-Entry program is especially designed and useful for rising seniors.
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