AFRS collaborates with GESP

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AFRS and GESP are collaborating

About GESP

“The Global Engagement Scholars Program (GESP) is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their Global competency through participation in academic, cio-curricular and international engagement activities. The GESP is coordinated by the Office of International Programs and the Department of Global Studies. Students will learn how to conduct basic research skills, identify one’s cultural traits in relation to others, and share knowledge through a poster session and development of an e-portfolio.”

What courses will we offer:

AFRS 2206 (African Literature, Music, and Art)

AFRS 1100–002 Introduction to Africana Studies (section dependent)

AFRS 2151. African Civilization

AFRS 3260/HIST 3190/LTAM 3260: Slavery, Racism, & Colonialism in the African Diaspora

AFRS 3270 Afro-Latin American History

AFRS 3278 Race in the History of Brazil

AFRS 4010/AFRS 6610: African Diaspora Theory/Diaspora and Transnational Theories

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