Annual Symposium

18th Annual Africana Studies Symposium

"A Nation in Peril: Race, Health, and Democracy"




Keynote Speaker: Dr. Blair LM Kelly

Panel 1:  Politics 

Panel 2: Race

Panel 3: Health


Our them is  A Nation in Peril: Race, Health, and Democracy. It brings attention to the myriad of overlapping social, economic, and political crises we face as a nation and abroad: around race and racism, inequality, and the Black Lives Matter movement; COVID, the health care crisis, and their disproportionate impact on Black communities; and the political crisis of global trends toward right-wing “populism” and authoritarianism in post-industrial, democratic societies -- of which Donald Trump is only one. We aim to facilitate an ongoing discussion surrounding these issues to clarify how our communities are being affected, but also the ways in which Black people have been and are at the forefront of creating lasting institutional change for all.



This event is co-sponsored by the Dean's Office, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences