Spring 2019 Courses

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CourseSectionCNRInstructorMOTUWETHFRBeginsEndsBLDGRMCourse Description
AFRS 110000323607Robinson, V T R 2:30 pm3:45 pmColvard5091Introduction to Africana Studies
AFRS 110000222574Smith, Debra     ONLINE ONLINEONLINEIntroduction to Africana Studies
AFRS 205000227189TBD T R 1.0PM2.15PMFretwell100Topics in Africana Studies
AFRS 210500126637Smith, Debra T   5:30 PM8:15 PMFretwell121Black Images in the Media
AFRS 210709022002Pinckney, C   R 7:00 pm9:45 pmMcEniry116Global Hip Hop
AFRS 216100127407TBD T R 10:00AM11:15AMBurson110The African American Experience: Civil War to Civil Rights
AFRS 217200122573Harris, F.M W  2:30 pm3:45 pmBurson115Black Sexuality and Health
AFRS 220600125787Ojaide, TM W F9:05 am9:55 amFretwell223African Literature, Music and Art (W)
AFRS 305000124080Harris, KM W  5:30 pm6:45 pmFretwell118Race and the US Criminal Justice System
AFRS 305000226045Moore, JuliaM W F11:15 am12:05 pmCHHS281Topics in Africana Studies: Race, Religion and Murder (Hybrid )
AFRS 305000327382Moore, JuliaM W F12:20pm01:10 pmFretwell121Topics in Africana Studies: Rituals of Race and Racism in America
AFRS 3050D0127549Pereira, Malin T R 02:30pm03:45pmFretwell205Topics in Africana Studies: African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to PresenT
AFRS 312100127195Homann, Lisa T R 02:30pm03:45pmCHHS161Contemporary African Art
AFRS 315509027191Flint, KarenM    06:30pm09:15pmMCEN116Health and Healing in Africa
AFRS 321800127001Boaz, DanielleM W F11:15 am12:05 pmFretwell114Race, Violence, Colonial Times to Present
AFRS 329000123902Smith, Debra T R 11:30 AM12:45 PMSmith324Research Methods (O)
AFRS 3290H0125124Smith, Debra T R 11:30 AM12:45 PMSmith324Research Methods (O)
AFRS 369200125837Ibrahim, H T R 1:00 pm2:15 pmFretwell206Colloquium: Modernist Dialogue Between African & African American Women Writers & Feminist Thinkers
AFRS 369200322618Robinson, V     ONLINEASYNCHRONLINE Colloquium (W)
AFRS 369209124624Smith, SherylM    5:30 pm8:15 pmFretwell210Colloquium: Race and Senior Citizenry in Charlotte (W)
AFRS 400009020874Missihoun, H   R 5:30 p.m.8:15 pmFriday132Senior Seminar in Africana Studies
AFRS 4000H9027221Missihoun, H   R 5:30 p.m.8:15 pmFriday132Senior Seminar in Africana Studies
AFRS 401000122571Boaz, Danielle     ONLINEASYNCHRONLINE African Diaspora Theory (ONLINE-ASYNCHRONOUS)
AFRS 4010H0125817Boaz, Danielle     ONLINEASYNCHRONLINE African Diaspora Theory (ONLINE-ASYNCHRONOUS)
AFRS 405000127410Victor, Letha T R 01:00pm02:15pmDenny102Topics in Africana Studies: Religiosity Religiosity (Post)Colonial Encounters in Afric
AFRS 410500127147Whitaker, BethM W  02:30pm03:45pmFretwell406African International Relations
AFRS 4640A9024640De la Torre, OM    7:00 pm9:45 pmFretwell305Environment, State, and Society in the Caribbean and Latin America
AFRS 465200124280Smith Ruiz T R 11:30 pm12:45 pmFriday106Race, Health and the African Diaspora (W)
AFRS 500000123141Smith Ruiz T R 11:30 pm12:45 pmFriday106Special Topics in Africana Studies: Race Health and the African Diaspora
AFRS 500000227411Victor, Letha T R 01:00pm02:15pmDenny102Spec Top in Africana Studies: Religiosity and (Post)Colonial Encounters in Africa
AFRS 6610UOL23946Boaz, Danielle     ONLINEASYNCHRONLINE Diaspora and Transnational Theories (ONLINE-ASYNCHRONOUS)
LBST 210200122581Harris, D. T R 2:30 pm3:45 pmBurson121Global Connections (AFRS)
LBST 210200223142Robinson, V T R ONLINEASYNCHRONLINE Global Connections (AFRS)
LBST 210200324034Smith Ruiz T R 8:30 am9:45 amDenny200Global Connections (AFRS)
LBST 221200222580Ojaide, TM W  11:15 AM12:05 PMRowe161Literature and Culture (AFRS)
LBST 221200426990Smith, SherylM W  5:30 pm6:45 pmDenny220Literature and Culture (AFRS)
LBST 221200526991Teasdell, A     ONLINE ONLINE Literature and Culture (AFRS) – ONLINE
LBST 230100125809De la Torre, OM W F11:15 am12:05 pmDenny203Critical Thinking and Communication (AFRS)
LBST 230100226999Missihoun, H T R 8:30 am9:45 amFretwell202Critical Thinking and Communication (AFRS)
LBST 230100327000Missihoun, H T R 2:30 pm3:45pmFretwell206Critical Thinking and Communication (AFRS)
LBST 230100527233Robinson, V T R 8:30 am9:45 amFretwell223Critical Thinking and Communications (AFRS)